czwartek, 28 sierpnia 2014

People know the price of everything and the value of nothing

This days people managed to put a price tag on life, death and almost everything in between. So in the world  where everything has a price, what happens to the priceless???

My tiny garden is gorgeous and..... priceless.

Spending time together - priceless!
 What we will do for love will always be far more powerful than what we will do for money.

Moments with my daughter..... What we can do together will always be far greater than what we can do alone.

Magic door to the world of harmony, peace and beauty - priceless!

Magic, happy moments - priceless.

                                With kids every moment becomes a gift, it's priceless!

We constantly are "liking" each other on a Facebook, but we forgot how to love or be a real friend in real life. There is no price tag on smile, compassion, generosity, empathy, friendship, love....We have to bring this priceless gifts back into circulation.

Flowers that attracts butterfly

New life, they trust us and they build their nest in front of our front doors.

Mushroom picking - priceless.

You are what you eat.

Concert in the park