wtorek, 3 grudnia 2013

To friends in CA.....

Dearest :      Elissa, Irina, Elaine, Shelly, Ania....
Thank you for the nice emails. I am sending you some photos from the beginning of December. Already the first snow fell, then it was sunny and the snow melted, but only in the foothills. Up in the mountains is white and fluffy, but fortunately not too cold.

 I'm sending you the first snowman this year (it's not very handsome) and tiny, sweet snowman. The little guy I did especially for you girls on the top of my favorite mountain.

Yes, I am happy here but I miss you guys, and I miss California. However I do not regret that I came here.
 I still have in California many things to do, so I will visit and we will have a chance to eat lunch together.
I am sending you lots of positive energy and a lot of greetings.