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Kraków, CRACOW - specjalnie dla Lilusi

panoramy-wirtualne.pl Kraków
Cracow- the royal city,the former capital of Poland, an important center of culture and science. It has several university's, museums, galeries, theaters, an opera, philharmony, treasury of national and historical monuments and a lot of charm.
St. Mary's Church- the most important Gothic architectural monuments in Poland. It has the best European example of the Grand Altar done by Wit Stwosz in 1489.
During the Second World War, the Nazis took the altar to Germany, after the war it was founded and in 1957 returned to its rightful place.

WAWEL HILL - complex of historical monuments: Renaissance Royal Castle,  Gothic Wawel Cathedral and fortifications.

The Pauline Church and Monastery on the Cliff (Na Skałce) seen from the Vistula boulevards.  In 11 century, in the church on the Cliff, Bishop Stanislaus of Szczepanów was killed by decapitation on the order of King Boleslaus the Brave. In memory of this event, each year on the day of St. Stanislaus, a procession walks from Wawel hill to the church on the Cliff.
In the church is a national pantheon, it holds remnants of Jan Długosz, Józef Kraszewski, Teofil Lenartowicz, Adam Asnyk, Stanisław Wyspiański, Czesław Miłosz and many others.

The Cloth-hall situated in the middle of Market Square and the monument of Adam Mickiewicz.
The cloth stands with a large shopping hall were build by King Casimir the Great in the 14 century.

Wawel Fortifications
Vistula river - view from the Wawel, above Dragon's Lair cave (dragon from medieval legend).

The Cracow Cathedral on Wawel Hill is the noblest church in Poland, the coronation temple and the royal necropolis. The orgins of the Wawe Cathedral date back to the year 1000.
The arcaded courtyard of the Royal Castle on Wawel hill

The Wawel Cathedral - the Royal Sigismundus Chapel (Kaplica Zygmuntowska)

John Paul II Bell

The Wawel Cathedral
The monument of Tadeusz Kościuszko, the leader of 1794 uprising, polish and american hero, view from Herbowa Gate.
Kościuszko and Herbowa Gate

Wawel Hill

Odpust - street fair

Market Square- on the back St. Adalbert church (from 10 century)